About Greedy Wizards

Greedy Wizards is a simple two-player card game in which a red wizard battles a blue wizard for the right to eat a delicious cake.


Duel Back

The game was launched on Kickstarter in October 2013, reaching its funding target within three hours. It subsequently raised almost £8,000 during its fundraising campaign – exceeding its initial target by 446 per cent.

Beautifully illustrated, easy to learn yet full of decisions and intrigue, it’s a game which can be enjoyed by any level of player. Feedback from those who have received their Kickstarter editions has been overwhelmingly positive:

“Played a few games earlier this week to start our game night, very enjoyable. There’s a moment during everyone’s first game where the depth/bluffing elements shine through and you realise how much fun you’re going to have.” – Jack Harrison


“It’s a great simple game with a surprising level of variety of tactics. Great fun with beer and of course cake!” – Oscar Clark


“My 5 year old loves the game, wants to play it every evening. Which is great as it’s good for his mental arithmetic and it’s a fun game for me. The only problem is he’s currently beating me 3 games to 2. Maybe a secret tactics book for tired parents should have been an add on?” – JimKeepers

You’re welcome to read all comments from our Kickstarter backers here.

The game will soon be on general sale, hopefully via Amazon. Details to follow.

Anyone interested in bulk orders should contact me directly: byronicman[at]gmail.com